Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rumblings at the Office

Warning: venting ahead!!

Well, I've been immersed in fending off my evil coworker's attempts to manipulate me or order me around these last few days. I've been doing very well, I might say--I've been bold, spoke my mind in a joking way.

Thursday (this is Saturday) was a rough and busy day. We had several emergencies and constant phone calls, orders flying everywhere, people wanting med refills that had to be researched(find the chart, then go search through loose filing for the latest dictation) and called in to the pharmacy. You get the picture. Well, she had been sticking her nose into everything and doing basically nothing except offer dire warnings of doom and not helping. She even refused to do one complicated refill because it involved calling medicaid (this was for a child!) and using her brain to figure out how to make it work. I did it because it was a sensitive situation and I knew she would look bad for refusing to do something the manager told her to do.

Well anyway, all day she had been overbearing, pushy and just poking me with a stick until she poked one time too many. A favorite patient of mine, had been a little incontinent on one of the exam room chairs. These chairs are 4 years old and worn, with some stains. I soaked up as much as I could then cleaned it with our super duper kill anything cloths. It was drying in another room when she decided to inspect it. She decided it was going to leave a ring and I should go scrub it with paper towels and liquid hand soap and try to rinse with wet paper towels. Fuck that noise. I'm up to my ears in charts and important work to do. I was trying to fend her off when another helpful gal comes up and gets into it. Evil coworker tries to shame me into doing it by saying "What would you do it it were your home?" and things like that. Helpful gal offers to do it and that's when I couldn't take it any longer. I'd never live it down if she did it. Steaming mad, I got up and went to the room where the chair was, all along saying don't slam the door, don't slam it, so I shut it kinda firmly. I started scrubbing, hard. Helpful gal comes in, wondering why I'm mad--she just doesn't get the undercurrents. She offers again, I say no, I need to calm down and scrubbing will help. She offers to take a couple of charts off my desk , ok and leaves. I think removing myself from the situation was a good idea. I scrubbed for about 10 minutes, until calm enought to go back to my desk. Remember, we share a long counter/desk side by side. She says "Are you mad?" Yes, and I don't want to talk about it. "Well why?" I don't want to talk about it!. "Well, I didn't mean to make you mad." Silence, since I really didn't know what to say. She just has to know when to back off and give people some space. She pushes and pushes to get her way, most of the time I say no and handle it calmly, but after a rough day with her on my back--she just went too far. I did some work--fast because it was almost 5:00 and finally felt like I was ok and not mad. I wanted it to be over. So I took some charts up front and when I came back I passed her in the hall and stopped to say I wasn't mad anymore and was over it. She shot back"Why, did you tell Mary?" (office manager) and kept on walking. I said no, I didn't tell anyone. So, it was now time to go home, I left, angry and later, tearful. Not much sleep that night.

The next day I'm miserable and have a stomach ache at work. Office manager askes me what's wrong and I tell her, in private, and she's mad. She has had enough of evil coworker's attitude. She is going to the administrator. I don't know what they can do about it. They want her to quit, but don't want to fire her because she might file for unemployment payments.

It was too quiet all morning long. Uncomfortably quiet. At noon, I used my lunch hour to buy a small radio for my desk. Everyone else has one or a small group share a radio. I cleared it with managment first--(even asked if I should get headphones--no, just keep the volume down) but I did not ask the wicked witch for her "permission" or if it would bother her. Normally I would, but not this time. Not with our past history. The radio is too low for her to hear--I can barely hear it myself. She didn't say a word the whole time I was unpacking and arranging it on my desk. She may not have said anything to me the rest of the afternoon--I don't remember. If she's mad, she'll have to get over it.

The rest of the day I worked hard until quitting time, while she read her drug book for the last hour. No one noticed because it at a quick glance, it looks legit. I didn't say anything about it. I was too busy to bother.

I hope she quits.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

good crafts gone bad

Yesterday was all ambitious ideas for dyeing my white scrubs with pretty colors. Today is all about muddy, overdyed yuck. One or maybe two of the five came out wearable. No amount of bleach can fix....trashman, help yourself. The purse strap I spent all day knitting turned our wrong. I may just give up and sew on some bamboo handles. Maybe the next one will work out better. It's going to be made with Manos yarn and I will not be felting it. Instead, I want to let the stitches show and line it with some silky fabric. It will be a buttonhole style bag. Fingers are crossed.

Evil coworker is the most nosey person I know. My blood pressure was up and I had to go to my doc. I tried to keep it a secret, honestly I did. I even went to the staff kitchen and closed the door to call my husband, but when I opened it, she was standing there and heard all about it. Later she questioned the staffer who took my b/p. A few days later, after some blood test, I arranged to have the results faxed to the office. I warned her that they were for my eyes only. She said "Oh, I was never going to look at your faxes." Anyhow, my doc gave me something to help me sleep, and I love it! I sleep all night now. He also told me to lose some weight. Of course.

I agreed to try to lose a pound a week. Lunch is being catered on Monday. I hope there's salad.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crazy coworker edging toward the cliff!

Ok, so things have been worse with her. I mean the not speaking, slamming files, referring to me a "her" in my presence--such as "ask HER..." announcing my mistakes and all the other juvenile shit a mature person does not do. She had a major "you need to straighten up" session with the boss a few weeks ago---and things were quiet for a while, but true to her fashion, the volcano is rumbling.
She is a true workplace bully. I've been standing up to her lately, in little ways, and it's really getting to her. Today it was her exagerated sweet voiced "Do you think you could help take some of these patients back?" At the time I was on the phone with a patient or hospital, I forget which, but she made it sound like I was sitting there picking my nose while she ran around breathlessly doing all the work. Everytime a chart came back to the rack, she would race to get it, just to show that she was doing all the work. (and keeping track)(which she has been warned about) So I'm thinking, go for it bitch. Actually, I'm thinking of egging her on toward another write up.

Yesterday she asked about 2 bottles of meds that a patient needed to pick up--I'd been trying to reach the person for a week, and she knew it. She was bugged because she said she needed more room (these are huge cabinets-plenty of room) but it was really a power struggle issue. She considers the drug (samples only, no narcs) cabinet her personal property and guards it like a pit bull. So she says "Have you called her? I think you really ought to mail them." "Yes I have, and I will be mailing them." (not right now, though, because I'm busy and you're bugging me) "Here they are." She puts them on my desk. "Do you have the chart?" "No, I don't need it, the address is on the computer." Off she goes to go get it for me. " I got the chart for you." "Umm, thanks." (maybe now she'll get the hell off my back....but noooo...) She bustles off to the front office and comes back and puts a padded envelope on my desk. "Here you go, you might need this" "I don't think they'll both fit in there, you'd better go get me another one." (snicker, might as well have some fun) "Oh they will, trust me." (yeah, right) "Maybe we don't have enough stamps..." "Oh we have plenty of stamps." (practically drooling at this point) Eventually I mail the damn thing.

Later she came to me with a fax from a lab "Do you know anything about this patient?" "Yes, I faxed them an order yesterday" "Well this says they didn't get it." " Where's the chart--it's still checked out in your name" "I don't know, I finished with it and put it in the pile to be filed." I grab the fax from her and say I'll take care of it. Eager to catch me in a mistake, she tries to find out more as I'm walking away. I find the chart in the front office and whoops, I DID forget to send it. So instead of going back to our desk area, I head into someone else's office and get a fax form from them. I fax it in the front office and put the chart safely away and go back to my desk. We actually share a large counter with a computer in between. When I get back, she's terribly interested. "So I looked him up, he has an appointment in a week""Yes, he does." "And your having his bloodwork done now?" (butt out butt out butt out butt out) "Yes, he's been having some problems and the doc want's it checked." "Well, I usually have the lab work done closer to the appointment, a lot can change in a week, you know." "Yes, but he's been having problems (are you deaf?) and the doctor has been checking periodically." (so shut the hell up, ok?)(and butt out!) I didn't expand on the details.

She pouted the last hour of the day. Mostly because the doc asked her to do something that she's never done before and will take some effort to find out how, who to ask, procedure to follow, lots of phone calls...basically a pain, but not impossible. I've done a small portion of this same thing for another patient and she knows it, and I've told her how I did it. She's trying to dump it on me because "...well, you've done it before." And I'm not taking it. I'm the second person she tried to dump it on. She keeps sighing, looking at me, acting helpless. It ain't gonna work, baby.

My anger problem is all in my mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is cheaper than therapy

Howdy Howdy Howdy! Hey look, I'm a cowboy! Not really, just a nice girl in disguise. I now have a place to ramble about life, knitting, family, dogs, work, Ms. Anne Nonimus. Join in if you want, but you must play nice in this sandbox. My rules...I'm the queen!